Distribution of Health Products in Africa

PIEX is a distributor of Health, Beauty and Wellness products, mainly present in Africa. With a catalog of more than 800 references, PIEX maintains a privileged link between upstream manufacturers and downstream actors in the supply chain: pharmacies, hospitals, wholesalers. PIEX mainly distributes in sub-Saharan Africa to the francophone countries of the West and Centre, but also to English speaking East and Central Africa, the Indian Ocean, the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), the islands of Haiti and Jamaica.

In brief




Our Approvals

PIEX has the status of export wholesaler issued by the National Agency for the Safety of medicines and health products in France. PIEX ensures the management of its warehouse in accordance with the Good Wholesale Distribution Practices of medicines for human use and strives to guarantee optimum quality in the preparation of its orders to meet the requirements of its customers.

PIEX is thus regularly audited.

PIEX’s manufacturing partners are rigorously selected and GMP certified (Good Manufacturing Practices).


PIEX also has the Approved Economic Operator status:

  • Facilities granted by the Customs about safety-security legislation;
  • Assessment and control of Customs and safety-security processes;
  • Organization optimized by taking into account the Customs and logistic functions;
  • Improved readability and internal control tools;
  • Relationship of trust with customs that become a partner;
  • Facilitated exchanges with countries that are signatories to international agreements.


Here are some important moments in the evolution of PIEX, since its creation until today. These key moments played in important role in the foundation of PIEX’s journey.


Our Financial Partners

In a context of evolution of the company founded by Robert Jamain, Bertrand Talbotier and his partners aspire to make PIEX one of the first actors in the distribution of medicines and more globally the supply of care on the African Continent .

Our Shareholders

Pioneer and major player in Private equity for over 30 years in France
Africinvest is an investment and financial services company specialist of the African continent.
The Bank of the French State that supports the growth and internationalization of French companies.
Capital investments to support the development of SMEs and ETI
Trocadero CP comes in support of the investment fund and managers


Led since July 2017 by LBO France, the Shareholder round-table of PIEX federates actors who support the development of PIEX and shares the values of the management team, especially in terms of CSR.

« Our commitment alongside PIEX aims at supporting its project to increase the supply of quality medicines and health services in Africa, for the greatest number. We are committed to putting capital at the service of the human being in a high-performance, innovative and growth-potential enterprise on a continent where health needs are major issues. The quality of the processes and the concern for the ethics of PIEX contribute every day to the fight against the counterfeiting of medicines and the excessive cost of treatment of pathologies in Africa. »

Jean-Marie Leroy Partenaire SmallCap @ LBO France

The word from LBO France, majority shareholder

« From the spring of 2015, we have been thinking about investment strategies that are geared towards solving major issues, so as to entrench societal issues at the heart of the strategic and financial approach of companies and to build learning examples for all of our activities.

Among these areas, we have identified the vital needs of humanity: living conditions, education, health, agro-food, environmental preservation.

By buying together the company PIEX, LBO France and Bertrand Talbotier, leader of the pharmaceutical industry, have chosen an investment thesis firmly committed around CSR.

Founded in 1979 and so far a family business, the company PIEX distributes medicines in Africa and has a very good reputation. The ambition set by the new shareholders and the new management is to accelerate the development of the company by pursuing a more general mission, defined together: « Contribute to better access to health and quality medicines for a large population in Africa ».

This mission includes:

  • The continuation of the rigorous distribution of medicines around structuring values: to contribute to the fight against counterfeiting and corruption, to limit the accumulation of margins, to bring the right quantities of quality products, at the right price, at the right time, to the right place, in an accessible manner. This with an environmental, social and strong governance concern in the management modes of the company.
  • Thinking about new services and partnerships that can help to fulfill the mission even better and to interact with local markets even more.
  • The implementation in collaboration with pharmaceutical manufacturers of donations of certain medicines to charities. A first concrete action was launched to help an association in charge of street children in Madagascar.

It is by fulfilling this societal mission at best that the company will create value for all stakeholders: Having this in view, Management and Shareholders work on lining strategy, organization and modes of administration, with the mission. »

Jean – Marie LEROY

Partner at LBO France, in charge of Small Cap

A strong banking pool

Crédit du Nord
Banque Populaire

A remarkable financial situation

PIEX’ parent company, AFRICA TOP, has a high capital and a substantial quasi-equity that allows the company a great flexibility and real velocity.

  Maintain organic growth regardless of market conditions.

  Finance new developments by studying all the opportunities for organic and external growth.

Our Vision

PIEX is part of a broader development project of an African Group for Africa, with local partners. Our leaders carry a real philosophy of work based on flexibility, partnership, adaptability, responsiveness, entrepreneurship, transparency and customer listening.

Expand DISTRIBUTION Activity


  • Develop our portfolio of pharmaceutical and parapharmaceutical suppliers.
  • Expand our geographical area with a priority: English speaking African countries in East/Central and Southern Africa.
  • Develop our service portfolio related to distribution (promotion, regulatory affairs, drug marketing).

External growth

  • Seize opportunities that give synergies to PIEX in distribution, marketing, promotion and regulatory affairs.
  • Examine opportunities in English speaking African countries (East/Central and Southern Africa)


Retail SOLUTION in Africa

  • Evaluate and pilot the development of a second innovative activity in Retail.
  • Build a brand architecture and adapt it to the countries where we want to develop it.
  • Pilot points of sale in 2 English speaking test countries.
  • Design a localized customer journey adapted to the populations.
  • Evaluate the possibilities of a larger geographic deployment.
  • Deploy the retail solution to a continental level.


A new team of managers has been heading PIEX since July 2017. Dynamism, service and expertise are at the heart of the new strategy: bringing PIEX to the forefront in the distribution of pharmaceuticals and health products, mainly in Africa.

Bertrand Talbotier


Ali Chenouna

Chief Financial Officer

Marc Letellier

Director of Business Development

Françoise Labedan

Director of Regulatory and Pharmaceutical Affairs
Responsible Pharmacist

Diane Debrousse, Directeur Assurance Qualité @ PIEX

Diane Debrousse

Quality Assurance Director

Stéphanie Greib, Responsable Service Administration Import @ PIEX

Stéphanie Greib

Head of Import Export Administration Department

Anne Consigny, Responsable des Affaires Phamaceutiques @ PIEX

Anne Consigny

Head of Pharmaceutical Affairs

Émilie Portier, Assistante de Direction @ PIEX

Emilie Porter

Executive Assistant

L. Belkhatmi - Responsable Entrepôt PIEX

Lounas Belkhatmi

Warehouse Manager

Bertrand Talbotier, Président de PIEX

DESS de l’Institut de Pharmacie Industrielle et MS Intelligence Marketing d’HEC.

Bertrand Talbotier cumule plus de 20 ans d’expérience à différents postes de direction générale dans l’industrie pharmaceutique (en Asie et en Europe), le conseil stratégique et la direction d’organisations non gouvernementales dans la santé (aux Etats-Unis et en Afrique).

Ses expertises couvrent la direction des grandes opérations commerciales, le conseil stratégique dans les Sciences de la vie et du bien-être, les alliances stratégiques, les fusions et acquisitions, l’accès au marché, la performance commerciale, la transformation digitale et les affaires réglementaires.

Bertrand Talbotier possède une grande expertise du continent Africain en particulier.

Ali Chenouna, Directeur Administratif & Financier @ PIEX

Diplômé d'Ecole de Commerce, en Finance, option Systèmes d’information.

Ali possède une expérience de Contrôleur Financier au sein de grands groupes, de Directeur Finance et Administration dans des sociétés de plus petite taille, mais aussi de Responsable Financier International sur une région incluant l’Afrique de l’Ouest, l’Afrique du Nord, l’Europe et la Chine.

Ali a notamment fait l'expérience du rachat et de la restructuration d'une petite entreprise familiale en Belgique.

Marc Letellier, Directeur du Business Développement @ PIEX

Diplômé d'AgroParisTech en biochimie.

Plus de 15 ans d'expérience dans le développement commercial et le conseil, 100% dans le secteur de la santé, à la fois pharmaceutique et MedTech.

Marc Letellier possède une bonne compréhension du marché et de l'environnement pharmaceutique avec une expérience significative dans les marchés à forte croissance, notamment les régions du Moyen-Orient et de l'Afrique.

Françoise Labedan, Directeur Affaires Réglementaires et Pharmaceutiques - Pharmacien Responsable @ PIEX

Docteur en Pharmacie, DESP de Galénique, MS en Marketing IAE.

Membre de l’Académie de Pharmacie, Présidente de l'AFAR, Françoise a exercé des fonctions de Direction dans les Affaires réglementaires, la Qualité, et rempli la mission de Pharmacien Responsable au sein des groupes internationaux Sanofi et Johnson & Johnson.

Par ses activités professionnelles, elle a développé un très large réseau au sein de la profession et des instances nationales et européennes.

Françoise Labedan, Directeur Affaires Réglementaires et Pharmaceutiques - Pharmacien Responsable @ PIEX

Doctor in Pharmacy, PED Galenic, MS in Marketing IAE.

Member of the Academy of Pharmacy, President of AFAR, Françoise has held management positions in Regulatory Affairs, Quality, and fulfilled the role of Pharmacist Manager within the international groups Sanofi and Johnson & Johnson.

Through her professional activities, she has developed a very wide network within the profession and national and European bodies.

Marc Letellier, Directeur du Business Développement @ PIEX

Graduate of AgroParisTech in biochemistry.

More than 15 years of experience in business development and consulting, 100% in the health sector, both pharmaceutical and MedTech.

Marc Letellier has a good understanding of the pharmaceutical market and environment with significant experience in high-growth markets, particularly in the Middle East and Africa.

Ali Chenouna, Directeur Administratif & Financier @ PIEX

Graduate of Business School, in Finance, option Information Systems

Ali has experience as Financial Controller in large groups, as Head of Finance and Administration in smaller companies, but also as Financial Director in a region including West Africa, North Africa, Europe and China.

Ali has particularly experienced the acquisition and restructuring of a small family business in Belgium.

Bertrand Talbotier, Président de PIEX

DESS of the Institute of Industrial Pharmacy and MS Intelligence Marketing of HEC.

Bertrand Talbotier has more than 20 years of experience in various senior management positions in the pharmaceutical industry (in Asia and Europe), strategic consulting and management of non-governmental organizations in healthcare (in the United States and in Africa).

His areas of expertise include leading large business operations, strategic life sciences and wellness consulting, strategic alliances, mergers and acquisitions, market access, business performance, digital transformation and business. regulations.

Bertrand Talbotier has a great expertise of the African continent in particular.

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