An indispensable player in the African market

PIEX has a dynamic, flexible and tailor-made approach in order to be an indispensable player in the African market, while respecting the strictest standards of ethics and quality.

Our strategy

PIEX develops its activities on two axes:

  • EXPORT BUSINESS: open up access to new markets and new partners.
  • IMPORT BUSINESS: offer manufacturers to outsource their exports, covering all African countries with minimal management, i.e. with only one interlocutor and one invoice, to devote themselves thus to optimizing their production and developing their products.

Our Quality Approach

  • Compliance with international standards for Good Distribution Practices.
  • Optimum quality in the preparation of its orders and response to the requirements of its customers.
  • GMP Certified Manufacturers (“Good manufacturing Practices”).
  • Customers who have the certifications and authorizations to hold and deliver health products in their respective countries.
  • Respect of international practices and standards with regards to relation with health authorities and professionals.

An integrated approach for manufacturers


  • Performance of market research and selection of products based on referenced and verified sources (IMS data, wholesale data, Piex sales history, sell-out data)
  • Definition of Business plans and deployment plans for new introduced ranges

Regulatory Affairs

  • Registration of the product (adaptation of existing files to the requirements of African authorities and local submission/follow-up)
  • Regulatory Monitoring


  • Collaboration with government representatives in charge of health
  • Reflection on access to care
  • Participation in Public-Private programmes

PERFORMANCE Monitoring and business development

  • On-line follow-up of sales through our Extranet
  • Monthly sales report by country/product/customer
  • Benchmark of company performance vs Market
  • Market research for new product opportunities
  • Extension to new geographical areas


  • PIEX operates in francophone West Africa, with a growing presence in East and Central Africa.
  • Through a network of selected partners, and soon thanks to its own structure, PIEX accompanies its partners in the marketing and promotion of their products.
  • PIEX works today with about ten integrated promotion players in Africa, selected for their seriousness and ethics, which allows him to cover the following geographical areas:

West Africa


Ivory Coast






Central Africa


Burkina Faso

Congo Kinshasa

Congo Brazzaville





Indian Ocean






Field presence

  • CENTRAL MARKETING AND REGULATORY TEAM centralized for the zone: 20 people


  • More than 400 visitors, of whom 80% are medical representatives and 20% are pharmacy representatives

Distribution Infrastructure

We ensure a storage that respects the rules in force, including Good Manufacturing and Distribution Practices.

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Secure Access Storage Area
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Cold Room
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Controlled Temperature
Pallets Capacity
Field Force
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Rate of Service

Distribution across the area covered by PIEX

  • Customer risk Management in Africa (including on more fragile clients)
  • Mutualization of orders in order to achieve the minimum order quantities and optimize the costs
  • Storing products to eliminate the risk of shortage
  • Administrative management of orders (registration, verification, billing, money collection)
  • Management of shipping and customs clearance to import and export countries
  • Preparation and delivery of samples and promotional material
  • Customer information (introduction of new products, etc.)
  • Quality claims management (traceability, withdrawal of lots, etc.)
  • Pharmacovigilance
  • Bonded storage for products manufactured outside the EU

Bertrand Talbotier, Président de PIEX

DESS de l’Institut de Pharmacie Industrielle et MS Intelligence Marketing d’HEC.

Bertrand Talbotier cumule plus de 20 ans d’expérience à différents postes de direction générale dans l’industrie pharmaceutique (en Asie et en Europe), le conseil stratégique et la direction d’organisations non gouvernementales dans la santé (aux Etats-Unis et en Afrique).

Ses expertises couvrent la direction des grandes opérations commerciales, le conseil stratégique dans les Sciences de la vie et du bien-être, les alliances stratégiques, les fusions et acquisitions, l’accès au marché, la performance commerciale, la transformation digitale et les affaires réglementaires.

Bertrand Talbotier possède une grande expertise du continent Africain en particulier.

Ali Chenouna, Directeur Administratif & Financier @ PIEX

Diplômé d'Ecole de Commerce, en Finance, option Systèmes d’information.

Ali possède une expérience de Contrôleur Financier au sein de grands groupes, de Directeur Finance et Administration dans des sociétés de plus petite taille, mais aussi de Responsable Financier International sur une région incluant l’Afrique de l’Ouest, l’Afrique du Nord, l’Europe et la Chine.

Ali a notamment fait l'expérience du rachat et de la restructuration d'une petite entreprise familiale en Belgique.

Marc Letellier, Directeur du Business Développement @ PIEX

Diplômé d'AgroParisTech en biochimie.

Plus de 15 ans d'expérience dans le développement commercial et le conseil, 100% dans le secteur de la santé, à la fois pharmaceutique et MedTech.

Marc Letellier possède une bonne compréhension du marché et de l'environnement pharmaceutique avec une expérience significative dans les marchés à forte croissance, notamment les régions du Moyen-Orient et de l'Afrique.

Françoise Labedan, Directeur Affaires Réglementaires et Pharmaceutiques - Pharmacien Responsable @ PIEX

Docteur en Pharmacie, DESP de Galénique, MS en Marketing IAE.

Membre de l’Académie de Pharmacie, Présidente de l'AFAR, Françoise a exercé des fonctions de Direction dans les Affaires réglementaires, la Qualité, et rempli la mission de Pharmacien Responsable au sein des groupes internationaux Sanofi et Johnson & Johnson.

Par ses activités professionnelles, elle a développé un très large réseau au sein de la profession et des instances nationales et européennes.

Françoise Labedan, Directeur Affaires Réglementaires et Pharmaceutiques - Pharmacien Responsable @ PIEX

Doctor in Pharmacy, PED Galenic, MS in Marketing IAE.

Member of the Academy of Pharmacy, President of AFAR, Françoise has held management positions in Regulatory Affairs, Quality, and fulfilled the role of Pharmacist Manager within the international groups Sanofi and Johnson & Johnson.

Through her professional activities, she has developed a very wide network within the profession and national and European bodies.

Marc Letellier, Directeur du Business Développement @ PIEX

Graduate of AgroParisTech in biochemistry.

More than 15 years of experience in business development and consulting, 100% in the health sector, both pharmaceutical and MedTech.

Marc Letellier has a good understanding of the pharmaceutical market and environment with significant experience in high-growth markets, particularly in the Middle East and Africa.

Ali Chenouna, Directeur Administratif & Financier @ PIEX

Graduate of Business School, in Finance, option Information Systems

Ali has experience as Financial Controller in large groups, as Head of Finance and Administration in smaller companies, but also as Financial Director in a region including West Africa, North Africa, Europe and China.

Ali has particularly experienced the acquisition and restructuring of a small family business in Belgium.

Bertrand Talbotier, Président de PIEX

DESS of the Institute of Industrial Pharmacy and MS Intelligence Marketing of HEC.

Bertrand Talbotier has more than 20 years of experience in various senior management positions in the pharmaceutical industry (in Asia and Europe), strategic consulting and management of non-governmental organizations in healthcare (in the United States and in Africa).

His areas of expertise include leading large business operations, strategic life sciences and wellness consulting, strategic alliances, mergers and acquisitions, market access, business performance, digital transformation and business. regulations.

Bertrand Talbotier has a great expertise of the African continent in particular.

(Ex. Responsable Achats)